Fire, Flood, Natural Disaster

Fire, Flood and Natural disasters are the most common claims we deal with. We guide you through the entire process, from arranging board up and/or water extraction, documentation of the damage, all the way through your final payout.

Snow, Ice, Hail

Often hail storms will cause damage to siding and roofs. You don't have to 'live with the damage.' Many policies cover this damage. Ice dam form on your roof, causing damage? Snow cause a collapse? We handle it.


Someone drive a car through your picture window? Accidentally cross some wires while hanging a light fixture and blow out some appliances? We walk you through the process. Often people unintentionally cause damage in their homes and don't even check if it's covered because it's their fault- that's what insurance is for!


Flooded Basement?

Basement water coverage may be complex. The extent of your coverage, if any, depends on the origin of the water, type of water damage, etc. If you say the wrong thing to the insurance company you may be denied coverage. Let AyzerTech guide you through this, help you determine if you should be covered and make sure the insurance company pays what you are owed!


Lightning strike, downed power line, fried appliances?

It's not enough to just get paid for your damage- AyzerTech will help make sure you are safe after an event occurs. One example is a claim where a downed power line fried all of the customer's appliances, blew out light bulbs, and caused switches to smoke. AyzerTech insisted that the insurance company pay to have a qualified electrician inspect every wire in the house. If not for AyzerTech, the insurance company would not have provided for this, putting the customer at future risk. This is where AyzerTech's experience pays off!


Crazy Catastrophe?

Sometimes the unexpected happens. For one customer it was the exploding of his 350 gallon fish tank. AyzerTech is used to the unexpected and was able to properly handle this unusual situation, from engaging mitigation services to arranging the contents handling and cleaning. AyzerTech handled the entire process, documenting the damage, engaging with the insurance company to make sure the damage was contained, contents handled, and quickly settled and paid.