Initial Contact
Whether you contact us by phone at 855-CLAIM-55, our contact button below, or email, one of our customer advocates will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your FREE, NO-OBLIGATION consultation. One of our Licensed Public Adjuster will meet with you, either over the phone or in person, to review the details of your situation and explain how we can help. We will answer any questions and explain how the process would proceed if we are hired. We will review the professional fee structure up front with you- there will be no surprises! Typically, fees are a percentage of the total claim- if you don't get paid, we don't get paid. This means that we are highly motivated to do all we can to make sure you get all that you deserve, considering your coverage and limits. Once you decide to hire AyzerTech, we will ask you to sign the legally required agreement and then we will notify the insurance company of the claim.
Notify the insurance company
Our next step is to notify the insurance company that you are represented by a Public Adjuster. It is very important that the incident is represented correctly to the insurance company to ensure proper coverage. We have seen cases where a home owner has mis-stated what has occured, creating a much more complex claims process.
Policy Review and Mitigation Plan
Once the contract is signed and the insurance company is notified, we immediately asses your coverage and arrange for any necessary mitigation. We will assist you in engaging the services of the necessary mitigation services based on your circumstances. We maintain relationships with mitigation companies, electricians, plumbers, etc whom we are able to recommend. We will also take the necessary photos of the affected areas prior to mitigation.
Documentation of Loss
The insurance companies have strict requirements regarding how a loss must be documented. These requirements vary by company and by adjuster assigned to the claim. Our experienced Public Adjusters will create an estimate using insurance industry approved software. This often includes a floorplan, as well as photo and sometimes video documentation. We will engage specialist, as needed. We work with a company that specializes in content inventory and pricing, completing this process in a fraction of the typical time. We also work with accountants to calculate loss of business calculations, if necessary.
Meet with the insurance company's adjuster
We will handle all meetings with the insurance companies adjuster. We will work with them to set the proper reserve. Insurance companies set a reserve for each claim and try hard to keep the payout within the reserve amount. We work closely with their adjuster to make sure the reserve they set will cover your loss. If the reserve is not set correctly it can be very difficult to get them to make payment beyond that amount.
Submit estimate to insurance company
Once we complete our investigation and calculations, we present the resulting estimate to the insurance company, clearly showing, based on your coverage, how your coverage applies to your claim.
Once the claim has been documented, estimated, and presented to the insurance company, we negotiate with them to reach a fair and equitable settlement. Often, if we were involved from the beginning, go very smoothly. This is due to our constant communication with the insurance company. We pride ourselves on our strong relationships we develop with insurance adjusters. We make their lives easier by doing our job well. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the business, we do not always see eye to eye with the insurnace companies. When this occurs, our experience is key. We know how to manage the escalation process, the first step of which is requesting the insurance company's arbitration process, referred to as Appraisal. This process involves neutral parties assessing the claim. We handle this process for you and work with you until your claim is completed. Occasionally, the only recourse is the legal system. We would refer you to an attorney, if needed, and work with them throughout the process.
Our work is done
Once your claim is paid, our work is done. We remain just a phone call or email away. We will send a follow up survey and hope you will feel comfortable providing honest feedback. We try to learn from every experience, and your feedback is highly valued.

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