Benefits of using a public adjuster

Experience Counts

Insurance policies are very complex and difficult to interpret. A public adjuster understands the insurance policies and the proper procedures for handling the claim.

Time is money

Insurance claims can be very complex and time consuming. Timing matters when handling a claim, and it can also be very time consuming.

Claims process can be overwhelming

Insurance companies may ask for detailed information and documentation. The burden placed on the claimant can be overwhelming. A public adjuster knows how to properly document a loss, and is familiar with the requests an insurance company may make.

Technology makes the difference

AyzerTech uses special technology to manage the complex claims process. Our technology tracks all the necessary tasks and communications, driving the claims process in a consistent, efficient manner.

What will they pay for?

Insurance companies will often make an offer that is significantly below what you deserve. Without a Public Adjuster it is difficult to know what offer is a reasonable settlement.

Faster resolution of your claim

A Public Adjuster knows the ins and outs of the claims process, and the fastest way to navigate the complex procedures. A Public Adjuster understands what the insurance companies will need and will know how to document and value your claim properly, saving time.